The X-Acto blade

The X-Acto blade knife is one of those tools that are always within reach when I am working a model that needs tweaking. They are an incredibly useful and versatile tool that can hold an wide selection of knives. These knives have some unique shapes and I am going to go though some of the common ones along with the non-common ones. I will also show you some other things they can do other than just cut material.


No. 2 and No 11. – These two have essentially the same shape and will be your go to blade Number 2for 90% of your work. They are great for cutting just about anything that is not metal. The small tip means you can make tight turns in material and cleanly cut very thin or soft material. This knife tracks easily though most material and in most cases lasts a very long time.


No. 10 – This a general purpose blade that unlike #2 or #11 has a rounded point that Number 10allows for heavy cutting in a variety of materials. The sturdiness of this blade makes it a good choice as your go to blade for all around work in the shop.



No. 12 – The mini curved carving blade has a more pronounced curve and undercut than Number12the #10. Being as such it can handle more delicate task such as cutting tissue paper, trimming photo paper or carving plastic and foam.



No. 15 – The keyhole saw blade. As the name implies this is a small saw blade for your X-Number 15Acto handle. For those of you using softer materials like plastic, foam and soft woods this is a great blade to keep around when you just need to cut something small and don’t want to go to the saw for.


No. 16 – Scoring blade. The scoring blade works well on thing materials and its shape will Number 16allow you to change direction as you might be tracing out decals or stickers. The unique shape as allows you to hold your blade more upright which in turn should keep you from over shooting a target line and cutting something you didn’t mean to.


No. 17- Lightweight chiseling blade. This blade is great for doing delicate carving in Number 17linoleum or basswood. It will work on some plastics like polystyrene but will quickly dull and dig with harder materials.



No. 18 – Heavyweight wood chisel blade. For those harder woods or heavy cuts the #18 Number 18will be up to the task. This blade also works really well as a scraper for 3D printed parts or ones machined from ABS. A bonus is that you can shape the blade easily to scrape the bottom of narrow channels or to get around a feature that might be in the way.


No. 19 – Angled wood chiseling blade.  Similar to the #18 this blade can handle heavy cuts Number 19in most woods, plastics, linoleum or foam. The broad angled blade edge also means you can remove burrs from parts or pare material with a good bit of control



No. 22 – Large curved carving blade. This blades large curved front edge makes this blade Number 22a good choice for controlling initial rough carvings in hardwoods, foam, plastic or linoleum. It does well as a deburr knife or just to do some rough trimming of materials.



No. 23 – Corner stripping blade. This rather scary looking blade does have some unique Number23uses. It can be used to trim or shape caulking in the home. It can make tight cuts in most material and change direction without lifting the blade out. It also makes a great tool for scraping or as a marking tool for woodwork.


No. 26 – Whittling blade.  When you just need something to remove burrs this little guy Number 26is what you need. The sharp fine point helps to clear corners out and the broad angled edge can remove long lengths of material without losing



No. 28 – Concave carving blade.  When you just need something to remove burrs this little guy Number 28is what you need. The sharp fine point helps to clear corners out and the broad angled edge can remove long lengths of material without losing accuracy.accuracy.



For more information and were to buy X-Acto products go to their website,

X-Acto Website




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