The sanding stick

When sanding a project there are areas that no matter how hard you try your finger just can’t get that sandpaper into. That is were the sanding stick comes into its full glory. A sanding stick is really any hard object that has an abrasive paper attached to it. It can be a wood dowel, wood stick, piece of metal or a frozen hot dog.

For this blog post we are going to use the good old popsicle stick or if your fancy the tongue depressor. You can buy these by the gross at most craft stores or from suppliers online in volumes that are crippling (think in increments of 1000 as a minimum). If buying them from a craft store seems to pedestrian for you then definitely buy some frozen pops from the grocery store and go to town on those bad boys until you have a couple freed from their icy tombs.


After you have your dry and clean sticks get out the double sided tape and apply it to the stick. You don’t have to be terrible accurate with lining up the edges as we are going to trim them off.

Remove the paper backing from the tape and stick them down onto the sandpaper of your choice. Now you can use your X-Acto knife to trace around them. Do be careful not to trim the wood away as it will make a very nice pointed splinter that will find a home in your finger, that is straght from my own personal experence.

Repeat this a couple of times until you have a nice variety of grits attached. Again if you come from a fancy background you could tape both sides of the stick and put a different grit on the other side. IMG_1271Having double sided sanding sticks has always been a huge hit with the ladies in the office. It saves quite a bit of money and they can have their pick from a huge range of grits.


Do get creative with the shape of your sticks. Having ones with a very narrow tip will let you sand in tight spaces. Maybe one with a curve will help to shape something odd, just try different shapes and see what works.

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