The Introduction

IMG_1838 (Edited)

This is my first blog post! Fitting to the first blog post is to talk about why I have a blog. I have a blog for a couple of reasons. First, I have been told I know a lot of things and after hearing this many times over I thought maybe others would like to know some of it. Second, I love creating things and having a platform to really share the details of that is something I am looking forward to. Third, it keeps me from joining one of those street gangs that do kitbashing in the mean streets of the town I live in. Well maybe not that mean.


So some background on me. I am a model maker for a design firm. It sounds simple but the job is anything but and the journey to this point has had its fair share of turns and diversions along the way. My professional career started out as a machinist and as the tedium of making many hundreds of parts settled in I thought the next logical step would be a mechanical engineer.


Unfortunately, you need to have a much better understanding of math then I did so I switched majors in college to Industrial design where my sketching skills weren’t horrible but my ideas were better than my calculus grades. So I was a designer, but as I figured out very quickly I was way better at making things then drawing them and I found more satisfaction in it. So model making it was.

IMG_1833 (Edited)



There were other jobs between college and now that took me into what some would say are diverse fields. The variety of experiences from forklift repair, 2 small businesses, tool and die maker and 3D rendering makes for a unique resume. Which now brings us to today as I am a model maker.


The goals I have set for this blog and the forthcoming videos (i hope) is to give you the reader/watcher a place to go to find information about a variety of subjects that will make you an informed and hopefully better maker, engineer or artist. I am going to try and dig up all the knowledge I have acquired over the years and give it to you. In the process of this there will be questions and corrections hopefully you can come along and help with that.




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